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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Royal Atmos for Royal Atmosphere

At present, it is a harsh reality that the pollution in air is not only harmful to city birds but also to human beings who are vulnerable to all the diseases caused by polluted air.

Do not know when and how in the zeal to create a modern world, humans have destroyed the Mother Nature. The poison that dissolves in the air is also poisoning our breaths.

According to a report of WHO, it is believed that India has 13 of the top 20 cities where pollution level is higher than the safe levels and surprisingly air pollution inside our home is found to be 5 times more harmful.

 Sometimes I wonder that what we leaving behind for our future generations, is just pollution and various kinds of diseases.

One day while watching TV, I saw this advertisement where Asian Paints advertised their new range of wall paints, keeping our homes pollution free. It felt like someone had miraculously given me the solution to my concern of pollution free home for my loved ones and me.

The Royal Atmos of Asian Paints looks not only beautiful but also makes the atmosphere of our homes more pure than before. This makes the air more pure and fragile by deactivating activated carbon in the air. Royal Atmos is the first such paint in which does not contains chemicals and uses natural fragrance.

  • ·        Royal Atmos does an impeccable work to reduce formaldehyde found in homes.

  • ·        The only gorgeous looking paint on the walls that does not contains chemical and spreads   pleasant fragrance.

  • ·        It improves the quality of air inside our homes.

  • ·        Its finishing is smooth as silk.

  • ·        It comes with a green seal which means that this VOC safer and environmentally friendly.

  • ·        The Teflon coating also ensures that the stains on the walls can be easily removed and your wall will shine for years.

After seeing this advertisement, there is a warm satisfaction in my mind. Now our children will be able to breathe pure air, at least in the house and be safe from many diseases. I wish, Royal Atmos is not only used in our households but also in public places such as malls and offices thus ensuring pollution free environment.

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This is one such product I wish is endorsed by us to our family and friends to help build a healthy and pollution free environment. 

An innovative advert for the innovative solution to our pollution problems!