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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Nari Saag Ka Paratha


Water spinach is a long, leafy green vegetable with hollow stems that grows in water or damp soil. It is also known as nari ka saag. 

Nari saag is a good source of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system, vitamin A to maintain healthy skin. 

Consuming Water Spinach on a regular basis helps in increasing the iron content of your body. This vegetable is rich in Iron and hence is considered great for people affected by Anemia. Water spinach is also great for pregnant women as they help in increasing the RBC count of the body by helping in hemoglobin formation.

It can be used in soup, stir fry and in dal .

To prepare water spinach, you must wash it, trim it, and cut it down into manageable lengths

This month for A to Z challenge we have word N so I choose Nari ka saag and make paratha. 

Here is my entry for A to Z challenge from word N. 

Preparation Time:-  10 minutes 

Cooking Time:- 10 minutes 

Serves:- 4

Author:-  Hem Lata Srivastava 


  1. Nari ka saag/ Water Spinach 1 bunch
  2. Salt to taste 
  3. Chopped green chili 2 no.
  4. Chopped ginger 1tbsp
  5. Chat masala powder 2tsp
  6. Lemon juice 1tbsp
  7. Crushed coriander 1tbsp
  8. Crushed cumin seeds 1tsp
  9. Crushed whole red chili 1tsp
  10. Red chili powder 1tsp (optional)
  11. Wheat flour 4 cup
  12. Oil 

Recipe Procedure:-

  1. Discard the stem from saag and wash it properly then chop it.
  2. Mix all the ingredients instead of oil with flour and knead a soft dough. 
  3. Now divide into equal portion make balls. 
  4. Roll the paratha and fry from both sides until golden. 
  5. Serve with aloo rasa, pickle or curd.


  1. Choose clean saag and wash properly. 
  2. You can use any glutun free flour like ragi ,  makka or bajra.