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Monday, March 5, 2018

Raisins Star/ किशमिश के सितारे

Everyone's busy in making gujhiya,  dahi vada, kanji, papad chips etc but I love to make these cute little stars filled with raisins, coconut, flavored with cardamom powder and coated with sugar syrup. Easy and simple but also a little tricky at the same time. Everybody loves to eat it in my family. 
It's my mother in law's recipe and I love to make it every year at holi festive season.
When we make gujhiya and shakarpar, some dough is left over and then my mother-in-law used that dough in making these cute little raisins stars. She was a very good cook and as a person she was an amazing lady, I miss her always.
She cooked lots of amazing recipes, these raisins star is one of them and I would love to share it. You can see the preparation pictures below the recipe.

Preparation time:- 10 minutes
Cooking time:- 25 mintues
Serves makes:- 10 person

Ingredients :-

For dough:-

  • 1 Cup refined flour
  • 1/4cup Desi ghee
  • Water as needed 
  • Ghee for frying 

For filling:-

  • Raisins 25 gram
  • Grated dry coconut 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder 1 tsp

For sugar syrup:-

  • 1 Cup sugar
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder

Recipe procedure:-

  • In a bowl combine refined flour and ghee rub with finger till the flour becomes crumble in texture.
  • Now add water and knead a soft pliable dough, the dough should be firm. cover the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Wash and pat dry the raisins then cut into small pieces, mix with coconut and cardamom powder keep aside.
  • Divide the dough into small size balls and roll it in a thin circle.
  • Cut the circle with a round and small cookie cutter or cap of a bottle, fill each circle with raisins mixture.
  • Apply water along the edges and shape it into like a star and seal it tight. 
  • Heat ghee in a kadhahi and when ready, deep fry on sim until golden. Remove from ghee and put it on kitchen paper. 
  • Combine the sugar, water and cardamom powder in a pan and put the pan on medium flame bring it to a boil, scum will start bubbling on the top of the liquid, remove it using by a ladle.
  • Cook till one and a half thread consistency.
  • Dip the stars in it, lift and leave them open for one hour to dry the sugar syrup coating.


  • You can increase the ingredients as your need. 
  • If you can get sweetened coconut use that instead of normal coconut. 
Thanks for the advise for sweetened coconut my lovely friend Amrita Iyer,  She is very good cook and as a person she is awesome.


  • १ कप मैदा
  • १/४ कप देशी घी
  • पानी आवश्यकतानुसार 
  • तलने के लिए घी

भरावन के लिए:-

  • २५ ग्राम किशमिश
  • 1/२ कप कसा हुआ नारियल 
  • १  छोटा चम्मच इलाइची पाउडर 

चाशनी के लिए:-

  • १ कप चीनी
  • ३ बड़े चम्मच पानी 
  • १/२ छोटा चम्मच इलाइची पाउडर 

बनाने की विधि:-

  • एक बर्तन में मैदा और घी को मिलाएं और ऊँगली की सहायता से मोईन कर लें, पानी की  थोड़ा सख्त मुलायम गूंध लें, कपडे से ढककर रख दें।
  • किशमिश को धोकर सुखा लें और छोटा- छोटा काट लें, इसमें कसा हुआ नारियल और इलाइची पाउडर मिलाकर रखें। 
  • अब गूंधे आटे को बराबर भाग में बाँट कर पतली रोटी बेलें, कुकी कटर की सहायता से काटें।  इसमें मिश्रण भरकर किनारों पर पानी लगाकर सितारे की शेप में बंद करें। 
  • घी को गरम करें और आंच को धीमा कर इन सितारों को सुनहरा हो जाने तक तल कर निकाल लें। 
  • एक बर्तन में चीनी, इलाइची और पानी डालकर एक तार की चाशनी तैयार करें, इसमें तले हुए सितारे डालकर निका लें और फिआलकार किसी बर्तन में रखें।  एक घंटे के लिए छोड़ दें ताकि चाशनी सूख जाये और स्टार्स नरम न पड़ें। 
  • जार में रखें।


                                               Pictorial recipe 


                                                            Flour and ghee

                                                               Ready dough
                                                              Roll into thin circle
                                                             Fill with mixture
                                                          Shape and seal them
                                                            Fry golden
                                                             Sugar syrup

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