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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sharing Load by Love with Love in the Lockdown

The family I belong to, here it is usually very uncommon for men to be involved in household chores. All men took care of the business and financial status of the family and women were and still are considered the experts in taking care of the house, making it feel like a home to run back to. And me being a homemaker, looking after my family and making sure that all the needs of my better half and my son are met, is something I really enjoy. 
Nevertheless, my husband even in his ageing years working still for he certainly can’t sit idle, does not miss an opportunity to work on small chores of the house like plumbing, doing the dishes at times, cooking breakfast on Sundays, fixing the electric appliances, etc. My family’s love and support gave me the time and opportunity to become a food blogger and get indulged in what I really enjoy, which is cooking and sharing my recipes, my experiences with others.
However, amid the pandemic, my husband and my son both have been working from home which has led to an increase in the workload at home. Not complaining but having them around all the time means cooking three meals a day (as usually when alone at home, I rarely cook a full meal for myself) and keeping up with their work schedule.
In these critical times of lock-down my husband and I have shared the load multiple times and in ways unconditional. Sharing an incident, our washing machine broke down in the lockdown period. Loads of laundry was piling up. Being a patient of spondylitis and thyroid I was already struggling with household chores. Our full-time maid could also not come. Managing the house, my son (because your children will always be a kid for you), not to mention his tiring work from the home schedule and my own blogging schedule, I was too overworked to notice the piling laundry. 
My husband was at home and could see me juggling my way all through the day. I could see how he had started to help me in little ways as he could, by setting the table for meals or helping in the dusting and cleaning of the house. I could see his little efforts. He used to do his office work late in the night when we all were asleep. The other day I woke up to the already washed laundry drying in the "angan". My husband winked and said, " I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores".

#ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry and #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

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