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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Elaichi Rabdi Kheer/Cardamom Rabdii Kheer



This month the challenge for A to Z recipe is quite difficult because we get the word E, and from the letter E, there are only one or two hindi ingredients, so I choose Elaichi.

For this festive season I made rabdi kheer for our guests.

Acutely I had some leftover cooked rice and full cream milk, so I thought to make rabdi kheer. 

Preparation Time:- 5 minutes 

Cooking Time:- 40 to 50 minutes 

Serves:-4 to 6

Author:- Hem lata srivastava 

Recipe Type:- Dessert 


  • Full cream milk 2 litre 
  • Cooked rice 1cup
  • Sugar 2tbsp
  • Chopped nuts 1cup
  • Saffron threads 10
  • Elaichi 6 to 8no.
  • Pistachio for garnish 

Recipe procedure:-

  • In a heavy bottomed pan add milk and put on the gas stove after a boil simmer and cook until it becomes thick but not too much just reduce half in quantity. It will take approximately 40 to 45  minutes
  • Mash the rice with a ladle.  Crush the Elaichi in mortar pestle discard the skin.
  • Now add sugar and mashed rice along with nuts, saffron and Elaichi powder.
  • Stir and cook another 10 minutes on slow heat. 
  • Switch off the gas.
  • Serve chilled or hot. Before serving garnish with pistachios.


  • Here I used cooked rice you can use soaked rice.
  • For rabdi you can use tond milk 
  • Put the Elaichi skin with tea which gives it nice aroma to your tea.


  1. Rich and creamy dessert. I love Desi desserts with elaichi and saffron flavours.

  2. Delicious creamy dessert. I want to have it right away. Loved the way you have used cooked rice in it.

  3. This looks so delicious with saffron and elichi added to it. I am so tempted to make it after reading your recipe. It's one of my favourite dessert in every season!!

  4. This is the best irresective of what the festival is. I always love such earthy recipe.