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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Dahi Sabudana

Dahi Sabudana is a simple,delicious and easiest recipe for fasting days. Soaking sabudana in butter milk is the key .
It is similar to curd rice.
Sabudana :-

Sabudana  which is also known as Sago, Saksak, rabia and sagu in various parts of the world. 
Sabudana is a complete form of starch and is a pure form of carbs.
It has a very low quantity of protein, fat & fiber.
Sabudana is glutan free and a great source of light carbs.
Sabudana can be use in various dishes but mostly people make khichdi and vada from it.
I made sabudana zarda which turned absolutely amazing in taste.
Here I make Dahi sabudana.

Curd is a fermented milk product,  curd or dahi is a staple in most of the households in india.
Creamy, delicious curd is considered as one of the healthiest food.
It makes our teeth and bones stronger and keeps our body cools.
A curd dish helps to balance the acidity.
This month we have the word D for A to Z recipe challenge. 

First I thought to make something innovative from daliya or dhaniya but i chose dahi because i came to my hometown for navratri celebration as always and here I don't get lots of ingredients so i made dahi sabudana which is quite easy to make and I can easily get all the essential ingredients for it.

Preparation Time:- 4 hours 
Cooking Time :-5 minutes 
Serves :- 4 
Author:- Hem Lata Srivastava 

  • Sabudana 1 cup
  • Butter milk 1/1/4cup 
  • Curd 1 cup
  • Milk 1/4 cup
  • Ghee 1tbsp 
  • Salt as per taste
  • Whole red chili 4 no 
  • Chopped green chili 1tsp
  • chopped ginger 1tsp
  • Mustard seeds 1tbsp
  • Curry leaves chopped 2tbsp
  • Roasted Peanut powder 1tbsp

Recipe procedure:-
  • Heat a non stick pan or a heavy bottom pan add sabudana and roast until it just starts to pop the pearls. 
  • Switch off the gas let them cool.
  • Add salt to the butter milk and  once the sabudana gets cool add to the butter milk,  cover and soak for two to  three hours. 
  • Open and check it add more butter milk if needed. 
  • Once sabudana is soaked properly ,heat ghee in a pan add mustard seeds let them crackle add broken dried red chili,  green chili and ginger, saute and add curry leaves. 
  • Switch off the gas. 
  • Mix curd and milk to the soaked Sabudana add peanut powder and mix it well .
  • Pour the Tadka over the dahi sabudana 
  • Mix getaly .
  • Garnish with tadka , serve chilled.

  • Always choose a good quality of sabudana which easily pops up properly and gets cooked up very well. 
  • Do not add water in butter milk other wise sabudana will get sticky.
  • I added peanut powder ,You can add crushed peanut also.
  • For Garnishing you can use some pomogrante seeds.


  1. Delicious 😋 n healthy!!
    My favorite!

  2. This is a lovely dish for summers and aaaaalso fasting days. Never thought of making sabudana with curd like curd rice.

  3. I make dahi sabudana and prefer it over Sabudana khichdi and vada as it is light and far more healthy. Love your beautiful presentation.

  4. This is absolutely new for me. Nice alternative to dahi rice when you are looking for a change. Must be really cooling during summer months. Will try it soon.

  5. Nice dahi sabudana recipe. Quite unique and cooling in summer. It is a good breakaway from the regular curd rice. Will give it a try.

  6. Very fond of dahi sabudana, I love it. The platter looks so delish!! Pass me one plate :)

  7. Very fond of dahi sabudana, I love it. The platter looks so delish!! Pass me one plate :)

  8. Lovely recip. I have never tried much sabudhana recipes other than kheer. This recipe will be wonderful during the upcoming hot summer months.

  9. We love dahi sabudana.It is so cooling and nutritious.Perfect for busy days.